Reddit Announces Rewards Program Where You Can Earn Money

Reddit has launched its “Contributor Program” system that will allow users to earn real money. Users will be able to convert the “gold” they earn from their posts on the platform into real money.

One of the largest forum sites in the world redditannounced that it has switched to a new system that will allow users to earn real money. “Contributor ProgramWithin the scope of the system called “, Reddit users will be able to convert the “gold” they obtain on the platform into real money. Yes; the gold feature, which has been on Reddit for a long time, is now a earnings program It will be within.

Users will receive gold for making and earning money on Reddit. In the section located right below a post, either 1 gold or 25 gold can be purchased. Fees starting from $1.99, up to $49 will rise. When users start distributing these gold coins to other users, they will have the opportunity to earn money. Collecting more gold Reddit user will earn more.

This is what the gold buying section of Reddit will look like:

Reddit will not pay its users for every category. In this context; Gold earned in categories such as sexuality, violence or alcohol use cannot be converted into real money. cannot be converted. The posts made by the Reddit user on his/her profile will not be included in the earning system. The only option for the user who wants to make money through Reddit is the one opened on Reddit. to the topics will be commenting.


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A user with standard “contributor” level receives 90 cents will make a profit. A user who does not collect at least 10 gold coins will not be able to receive payment from Reddit. A user whose contributor level is “top contributor” is 1 dollar will win.


Users who want to make money from the new system, which will reach users as of Monday, October 2, will encounter some restrictions in the first stage. Reddit stated that the new system will be tested for a while, and therefore, in the first stage, only for some titles He said it could be used. Additionally, the earning system will only be available for users in the USA for now. Only those over 18 years of age The money-making program they can join will also require identity verification.

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