First Trailer of Dune: Prophecy Series Released

The first trailer has arrived for the Max series Dune: Prophecy, which will tell the story 10 thousand years before the movie Dune.

Following the success of the Dune series at the box office, the cinematic universe was expected to expand. In 2019, a series was announced that would tell the rise of the organization called Bene Gesserit, one of the important organizations of the universe. After a long break of five years, Dune: Prophecy The first trailer of the series called has been released.

When its name was first announced in 2019 Dune: Sisterhood The series, which was determined as , later underwent significant changes. Not only the name of the production, but also its director and cast changed frequently. Because of this uncertainty, Warner Bros. kept the production out of sight for a long time.

Dune: Prophecy TV series trailer

The plot of the TV series Dune: Prophecy

From the birth of Paul Atriedes 10 thousand years ago In this production we are attending, it will be explained how the Bene Gesserit emerged as one of the greatest powers behind the scenes of the Dune universe and how it gained the power we see in the movies.

Cast of Dune: Prophecy

Starring in the series Valya and Tula, two daughters of the Harkonnen Dynasty Their roles will be played by Emily Watson and Shirley Henderson, respectively. We will see how the two sisters founded the Bene Gesserit.

When will Dune: Prophecy be released?

on max screens upcoming Dune: Prophecy this year in the autumn It has been announced that it will appear on the screens.


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