Mercedes platform has been discontinued! EQE and EQS did not deliver what was expected

Surprising and unexpected news came from the German automotive giant Mercedes. Mercedes plans new platform for luxury electric vehicles MB.EA Large stopped its development. This platform was originally considered a major innovation that would be released in 2028, but apparently plans have changed. Here are the logical reasons behind stopping the platform…

There are several reasons behind Mercedes’ decision to discontinue this platform specifically for electric vehicles. Firstly, EQE and EQS Sales of the models do not meet expectations. Naturally, this situation must have put a bit of a strain on Mercedes. These electric vehicles of Mercedes are one of the company’s strongest trump cards in the electric vehicle market, and the low sales have caused them to question their future plans.


That’s why the company focuses more on electric vehicles, internal combustion engine and hybrid decided to invest more in models. They also decided to review their investments in new platforms. Cessation of MB.EA Large platform development to Mercedes 4 to 6 billion euros one between saving will provide.

No way!  1 billion dollar tower from MercedesNo way!  1 billion dollar tower from Mercedes

No way! 1 billion dollar tower from Mercedes

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This is not a small number. This savings translates into other areas of the company, particularly those that are being updated. EVA2 It will pave the way for investment in the platform. The updated version of the platform will reach a value of 800 volts and is more efficient, compact batteries will use. So, Mercedes is in this field doesn’t step back, just more resources efficient use He goes his way.


While Mercedes develops the new generation S Class, GLE and GLS models with Plug-in engines, it will continue to offer electric vehicle models on the updated EVA2 platform. So, their commitment to electric vehicles it doesn’t end completelyOnly a more rational approach they exhibit.

This strategic change by Mercedes had a great impact in the electric automotive industry. This decision probably means a lot for other automakers as well. While Mercedes is making a u-turn in its electric vehicle strategy by discontinuing this platform, we, as technology and automobile enthusiasts, are following these developments with curiosity.

We will see together what impact this new route of Mercedes will have on the automotive world. What are you thinking? You can write your opinions in the comments section below.

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