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The advertising world is a stage where brands meet and communicate with their customers. But not always this scene is illuminated with bright lights. In this content, we will take a look at controversial advertising campaigns.

There are some advertisements that “I wonder what the people who designed and approved this ad were thinking?” saying We can’t help but ask.

Controversial ads that miss the mark, are misunderstood, or have really bad meanings A black mark in the history of advertising It takes place like this. Let’s start by examining some of these ads that have bad consequences for brands.

We wonder why Du Pont thought wrapping babies in plastic was a good idea.

The American chemical company Du Pont, one of the leaders in its industry, introduced babies and toddlers in the 1950s. kids in plastic bags It ran ads showing it all wrapped up. The aim was actually to promote the plastic bags they developed.

These advertisements literally visualize and legitimize child abuse. until plastic choking warnings became mandatory. lasted…

These ads then went on to show that instead of wrapping children in plastic, as it should be, Du Pont’s plastic packaging He focused on how he kept other produce fresh.

Advertising a game with the message “John Romero will make his slut”?!

Released with great expectations in 2000, John Romero’s Daikatana The video game called received a big reaction with this advertisement.

of the game unsuccessful Do we need to say that it is?

The visuals of Zara’s shooting among shrouded bodies and ruins also attracted a lot of reaction.

This racist advertisement made by a Chinese detergent brand is among the most controversial advertisements.

This commercial made by the chocolate named Skittles is literally disturbing.

We don’t know what to say to Desigual, who chose a truly unethical topic to celebrate Mother’s Day…

This sexist advertisement by Audi is among the advertisements that received great reactions.

We wonder what Hyundai was thinking when it tried to praise the gas emissions of the vehicle using the theme of suicide.

This sexist advertisement of Snickers is also the kind that has evolved from a chocolate advertisement to a different direction.

Which ad did you find worst?

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