Apple Announces Future Accessibility Features

Apple showed previews of accessibility applications that will be available with new operating system updates coming later this year.

Cupertino-based technology giant Apple, this year iOS 18will also start distributing new operating systems such as iPadOS 18, macOS 15 and visionOS 2. A preview of the new accessibility features that will come with the new operating systems has also been published. Statement on May 16 World Disability Awareness DayIt came just before ü.

Features coming to iPhone and iPads:

iPhone and iPad models will have eye tracking technology. Thus, people will be able to control their devices using only their eyes. In addition, music will be transmitted to disabled individuals through vibrations. In addition, voice shortcuts will be added to VoiceOver voice keyboards. Additionally, these devices against vehicle movements will be able to warn users.

Future innovations for CarPlay:

car play

CarPlay will gain voice control feature with the new update. In addition sounds aroundwill be conveyed to users through written warnings. For this Voice Recognition feature will be used. CarPlay will also have color filters.

Innovations coming to Vision Pro:

vision pro

Apple’s headlines with visionOS 2 Live Captions feature will come. Thus, users with low hearing or hearing impairment will be able to follow the conversations. This feature can be used both in real chats and voice applications.

Apple also this year, VoiceOver It will also bring new sounds and new controls to the application. In addition, it will also use the magnifying glass feature in applications that require reading. Those who write with the Braille alphabet will also be able to access this keyboard more quickly.

People who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak will now be able to communicate in Mandarin and personal voices They will be able to choose. Those with physical difficulties will be able to control the entire device by using part of the screen. Camera controls will be possible by touching the screen instead of buttons.

Apple’s new iOS 18 10 JuneIt is expected to be introduced at WWDC in .


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