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Turkey will participate for the first time with national participation at Seamless Dubai, which will host important discussions about the current status and future trends of the fintech sector in the region by bringing together leading experts from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa, financial institution representatives, technology entrepreneurs and investors. is represented. 8 TÖDEB members BRQ Link, Elekse, İninal, Octet, Ödeal, PayFix, Payporter and TRPOS companies operating in the payment and electronic money sector are participating in the Turkey Pavilion, which will be established under the leadership of TÖDEB and with the support of the Ministry of Commerce.

The aim is to contribute to the country’s economy

TÖDEB Chairman of the Board of Directors Ufuk Bilgetekin
TÖDEB Chairman of the Board of Directors Ufuk Bilgetekin

Speaking about participation in the fair, TÖDEB Chairman of the Board of Directors Ufuk Bilgetekin said, “Last year, we attended the Money 20/20 Europe Fair held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with 8 of our members. Due to the success of the Türkiye Pavilion and the intense interest it has received, this year we will be there in a much larger area with 20 of our members. We are attending Seamless Dubai this year with 8 of our members. I have no doubt that we will grow at Seamless Dubai in a short time, as we did at the Money 2020 Europe Fair. We will provide foreign currency inflow to Turkey through the agreements we will make here with our members. “He explained his goals for Seamless Dubai.

The goal is to become a fintech base

Continuing his words with Turkey’s goals, Bilgetekin said, “For us, these fairs have a meaning far beyond representation. Our aim is to make collaborations that will increase foreign investment in Turkey and to attract direct financing. To go beyond introducing the current state of the sector to the world and to contribute to the country’s economy in the field of financial technologies. Seamless Dubai will be a very strategic step for this purpose. As you know, at the opening of the Istanbul Financial Center, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan set the goal of making Turkey a financial technologies base before our sector. “As Turkey becomes a fintech base with this and similar fairs, TÖDEB’s voice and influence will gradually increase in nearby geographies.” said.

The Fair, where more than 25 thousand visitors will meet with more than a thousand companies and start-ups, aims to discuss the developments and perspectives in the financial technology sector with the participants by focusing on the Middle East market dynamics. It is possible to access the program of the event, which will feature B2B meetings and panels that will shape the future of the industry, at https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/seamless-middle-east.

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