Everything in the House Will Be Controlled with Google Pixel Bedtime

Google Pixel’s new Bedtime has been announced, which will enable you to control all devices in the Google Home ecosystem with the new update.

Google Pixel has been around for a long time bedtime It has the feature. Thanks to this feature, the “do not disturb” mode of the phone is activated at certain time intervals, the screen brightness is dimmed and the negative effects of the phone on the user’s falling asleep time are minimized. Feature now, Google Home It is being expanded to cover the entire ecosystem.

According to the statement from Google, Pixel Bedtime will be available soon. with other smart devices in the home will interact. The Home API announced at the Google I/O event will make this possible. According to the statement from the company, the Bedtime feature will be able to perform many different tasks in the future, from locking the doors to adjusting the lights.

Switching to sleep mode without getting out of bed

With the new feature, Google Pixel users, Google Home API They will be able to use their phones as a control device to control the devices they use. Commands can be given to all smart devices via the phone. For example, after locking the doors, it may be possible to set the thermostat to the desired temperature, set the lights to turn on dimly, and turn on classical music while doing so.

Home APIs also include ADT’s new ““Trusted Neighbour” feature, Android home app And LG TVs It will also come with. It is currently unknown when Bedtime will be upgraded to a version that can affect the whole house.


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