The “Portal” Opened Between Dublin and New York Has Been Closed

Portals that shared live images between New York and Dublin were closed due to inappropriate images shown.

Between New York, USA, and Dublin, the capital of Ireland live 24/7 The “Portal” mechanism, which was established to broadcast, was temporarily disabled to correct a critical problem in the operation of the system. This problem is nothing more than the inappropriate images people show to each other.

Developed by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys “Portal” The project was implemented with the participation of academics. The artist aims to connect cities with futuristic-looking giant portals. “To show that what connects people is more than what divides them, and to showcase that we are all interconnected on this planet.”” he explained. The truth was not like that.

Obscene images, September 11 attacks…

Technically a huge video call The study, we can say, seems to be both right and wrong in a sense. Yes, people have a lot in common and yes, people interact with each other with the Portal. However, this interaction took place in the form of people reminding people of events such as terrorist attacks and tragedies in other cities and showing photos of genitals.

Most recently, after an OnlyFans model used Portal to show off her breasts There was a temporary closure. According to the statement from the authorities, the Portal will be reopened with the establishment of 24/7 security systems and the binding of interactions to a procedure. Stating that the interactions are largely positive, the artists and academics apparently will not give up on the project.


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