Developer Preview Arrives for Wear OS 5

A developer preview for Wear OS 5 was announced at the Google I/O event. The most obvious feature of this update will be improved battery life.

The Wear OS operating system used in Android-based wearable devices had problems with battery life, with a few exceptions. For example, the Pixel Watch 2’s battery life had difficulty exceeding 24 hours. Being aware of this situation, Google Wear OS 5 It seems to be focused on seriously extending battery life.

In the statement from Google regarding the issue, new operating system Examples were given, such as that the energy consumption of the watch would be 20% less during a marathon run. Such activities, in which active sensors work and consume intense energy, can also be seen as tests in terms of challenging wearable technologies.

Demand from developers for an interface that consumes less energy

Regarding the issue, Google’s developers also consumes less energy It is stated that it encourages them to develop more efficient applications and watch interfaces. It is stated that Wear OS 5 will also come with a new Watch interface format. In this format, while the operating system itself provides energy optimization, developers can focus on design. It is also stated that in the new version, it will be easier to access weather data from the watch screen and choose a new design.

Google is also launching on wearable devices with Wear OS 5. Transition to Android 14 is starting. In this context, the company temporarily stops the acceptance of new watch interfaces and states that it will not support interfaces that are not in the new format as of early 2025.


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