How was Established? – Webtekno is among the most popular sites in the country today. This site, which people sometimes open just for their hobby and look at advertisements, hosts tens of millions of visitors every day. Are you curious about the story of this site, which has become one of the best with its unchanging visitor base for years?

As the popularity of the internet increased in the 90s, investment opportunities in this field began to attract attention.’s Its success story began under the leadership of entrepreneurs who realized the power of the internet, and today it has become one of the largest online advertising platforms in Turkey.

Gaining a place for itself in the newly developing market with smart moves. sahibinden.comWhile , was launched as a free advertising site, we also how important imagination and perseverance are It shows once again.

Of course, there is no one who doesn’t know, but let’s briefly talk about what the site is.

At a time when the internet had not yet entered our lives, such advertisements were published in newspapers. With the Internet entering our lives, we also saves you from this chore, ensured that these advertisements placed in newspapers were transferred to the internet. In short, the yellow pages became the yellow site.

The site is owned by Aksoy Group, which is considered one of the pioneers of this period that created a great impact in human history. Founded by Taner Aksoy. This platform allows users to visually promote their products or services by offering detailed advertisements in the virtual environment. At the same time, it provides an important service for buyers by allowing them to easily search and find products.

It all started when Taner Aksoy, who graduated from Florida Metropolitan University in 1992, realized that the online advertising system in Turkey was lacking.

Taner Aksoy

Anticipating that internet usage, which is particularly common in America, may attract the same attention in Turkey. In 2000, started to evaluate this potential by establishing Thus, the famous site started its broadcasting life with nearly 3000 advertisements.

Aksoy has been actively involved in the management of the site, of which he is the sole owner, from the very beginning; He does not have another partner. Moreover Aksoy Group companyis a family-owned business and operates in the hotel management and tourism sectors. The current boss of the company is known as Mustafa Aksoy.

It was not easy for to achieve its current success.

The site initially started its operations with only 2700 ads, and it was probably not anticipated that it would grow this much when it was founded. Experiencing economic difficulties in 2007 took out a loan to continue broadcasting. news emerged. But it was soon announced that these news were false.

The site’s brand awareness increases with the increase in internet usage. One of Turkey’s most visited sites and grew rapidly. Today, it has achieved success as a platform where billions of liras of trade are carried out.

More than just an e-commerce platform, it is considered a representative of the evolution of e-commerce in Turkey since its beginning.

site from the owner

This site, known as one of Turkey’s largest electronic commerce and advertising platforms, It is also the focus of many discussions. Ad owners naturally hesitate to publish the same ad on different sites after placing an ad on or another platform.

Especially when price changes in real estate listings are necessary This change must be made on all platforms where the advertisement is available. This situation prevents people who post ads on from posting ads on different platforms. This creates a situation that makes it difficult for rival sites to find themselves in this market. This makes the site the focus of discussions.

Competition Authority in 2018decided to impose an administrative fine of 10 million 680 thousand 425.98 liras on the site for abusing its dominant position through excessive pricing. In addition, there is another fine that is still fresh, finalized just last month: Competition Authority, due to the decision that engaged in anti-competitive behavior, as we mentioned above. 40 million TL imposed an administrative fine exceeding


Competition Authority Fined 10 Million Liras to


Historical Fine from the Competition Authority to

Approximately with 700 employees Providing uninterrupted service since 2000, has a very important place in all of our lives and is a good example of how keeping the site traffic dynamic, which has not changed for years, is an element of success.


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