Vivo Watch 2 has emerged with important details!

Slowly making a name for itself in the smart watch market in vivo, watch 2 is preparing to launch its model. The company, which develops many technologies, especially smartphones, is working on its second generation smart watch. The China-based company launched its first smartwatch model last year. The company’s first smartwatch can measure oxygen in the blood.

Last month, we shared with you the leaks of the company’s second-generation smartwatch. Finally, new news about the device came out today. Here are the features of Vivo’s second generation smart watch…

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Vivo Watch 2 has a round design!

OPPO, OnePlus with several brands such as BBK ElectronicsThere is new news from Vivo, a subsidiary of ! We’ve been waiting for a while to see the features of Vivo’s second-generation smartwatch. Finally, new leaked images reveal a few features of the device.

Vivo Watch 2 model smart watch

GSM ArenaAccording to the news, the launch is not far away. Vivo Watch 2 Let’s move on to the features of the model, first of all circular a to the design Let’s say you have it. Images of the device skin and silicone strap It also reveals its future with options.

In the image in question, we see three clocks. According to these images, in the new model heart rate tracking system, pedometer and GPS will have features. In addition, the smart watch model, voice call support will also contain. Meanwhile, based on rumors last month, the device my wife feature We wrote that it would. Now we see this confirmed.

Finally, details about the battery capacity of the Vivo Watch 2 model draw attention. This model 501mAh battery will have power. Thus, we understand that the Vivo Watch will be more durable than the 42mm (226 mAh) and 46mm (478 mAh) models.

We still do not have much information about this new smartwatch model. However, if there are new leaks, rumors and official information, we will share it with you.

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