This Year’s Winner Was “Golden Ring”

The results of the Astronomy Photography competition run by the UK’s Royal Observatory Greenwich have been announced. Photographer Shuchang Dong won the competition with his photo “Golden Ring”.

Today, a lot of research is being done on the universe full of unknowns. In these researches, photography is used as a document. often is being applied. Taken by space agencies, astronauts or scientists attractive We see photos. The development of photography technology allows us to record the unique beauties of the Milky Way even from the balcony of our homes. provided. With the developing technology, we have been seeing the magnificent photos of photography lovers who are interested in space more often. So much so that now under photography astrophotography branch was formed.

British insurance company Liberty Specialty Markets and BBC Sky at Night Magazine this year 13th a happening Astronomy Photo Contest is organizing. Run by the UK’s Royal Observatory Greenwich, the competition brings together thousands of amateur and professional photographers from around the world each year. influential It allows us to see photos.

“Golden Ring” won the competition

More than 4500 photographers from 75 countries participated in the competition this year. first prize Photographer Shuchang Dong, “Golden ring'” He won with his photo. Dong took this photo which occurred on June 21, 2020. solar eclipse filmed in Tibet with Fujifilm’s mirrorless model XT-4. Winning the £10,000 grand prize, Dong’s photograph will be exhibited at the National Maritime Museum, along with a selection of other successful photographs from the competition.


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Every year about the universe open our minds and an enormous visual feast We look forward to the winners of the competition in the coming years.

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