The Reason There Are Raised Writings on Old Bottles

These glass bottles containing embossed inscriptions, which can be seen in bohemian places nowadays, were of vital importance in the past.

What was inside these glass bottles that looked aesthetically beautiful from the outside and attracted the attention of collectors? What did the writings on it mean? From where vitally important was he carrying?

Let’s take a look at the things we can encounter from the 1800s onwards and bottles whose function is to save lives Let’s solve the mystery behind it together.

In ancient times, you could easily contain toxic substances in your home.

During the Industrial Revolution, many chemicals that were not suitable for human consumption but could provide benefits for other purposes were eliminated. to cheap production In addition to being permitted, it could also be kept in homes.

For this reason, many cases of poisoning occurred due to accidents in the 1800s. Some of the people were illiterate, but this was not the only reason. Those who can read packaging and bad labels He could become a victim of an accident because of this.

This was not the only reason, the conditions of the period also increased the risk of fatal accidents.


Indoor electric lighting was still not fully widespread in the 1920s to 1930s. In other words, bottles that can be easily confused a deadly substance If it contained it, you could only drink poison when you were looking for a painkiller for a headache.

Or when you cut yourself and you are bleeding in the dark and in a panic while looking for a painkiller and a bandage in the medicine cabinet to relieve your pain, you accidentally cut yourself. drinking poison It wasn’t impossible.

It was time for the authorities to take action on this situation.

In 1829, New York required that poison vials be labeled with the word “poison.” In 1853, the American Pharmaceutical Association, skull and An image containing crossbones It also updated this obligation as it may be.

Then, in 1872, the American Medical Association suggested adding embossed text to one side of the bottle. So the bottles will create a distinctive feeling to the touch has been redesigned. Those who touched the bottle could choose the word “poison”.

Even later, this was not enough and some bottles took on a shape of their own.


After a while, bottles were also produced in different shapes. There were coffin-shaped ones, skulls, hexagonal ones… So, as we said at the beginning, the only purpose of these embossed or strangely shaped bottles was By preventing possible dangerous and fatal accidents It was to save lives!

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