When Will Ethereum’s Fall Against Bitcoin End? Analysts Explained That Event!

Analysts at cryptocurrency research company K33 Research made a prediction on when Ethereum (ETH)’s year-long downward trend against Bitcoin (BTC) may end.

Analysts at K33 Research (formerly Arcane Research) 26 September published a remarkable report. The report states that Ethereum has approximately From Bitcoin for 1 year While it is stated that it performs worse in October futures Ethereum exchange traded fund (ETF) It was stated that the trend may change upwards if approved.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin The Merge Analysts stated that it has maintained its downward trend since the update, ETH/BTC parity He reminded that it was traded near the lowest levels of this year.

But this is the opinion of analysts who consider the approval of Ethereum futures ETF possible in October The downtrend may reverse It was in the direction of.

K33 senior analyst made a statement on the subject Vetle Lunde and Vice President Anders HelsethWhile underlining the loss of value of Ethereum against Bitcoin, the following statements in the statement attracted attention:

Ethereum has experienced a steady downward trend throughout the year as DeFi and NFT activity has decreased. Without a meaningful narrative or adoption story, Ethereum has struggled to maintain its strength against Bitcoin. But a forward ETF approval in October may be enough to change everything.

on the other hand CME derivatives market also maintains its bearish outlook on Ethereum and has been declining since August. 60% increase in open interest was reported to have occurred. However, analysts say the difference in Ethereum futures prices compared to spot He emphasized that Ethereum still stands stronger, saying it is significantly lower than Bitcoin.

Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas recently stated that Ethereum ETF futures next week He predicted that it could be put on the market. According to current news, the investment firm VanEckanytime futures Ethereum ETF may launch.

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