Why Are Symmetrical Faces More Attractive to People?

We are looking at one of the misconceptions that we can carry without noticing and from which it is not possible to get rid of them until we are objective. This time, our focus is on sympathy for symmetrical faces.

Today, there are countless error exists. We know that these manifest themselves both in relationships, careers and daily life. Of course, before being objective and accepting their existence, they to eliminate it’s not easy. “Do I have any of these too?”, you can click on this link and do a small check for mistakes.

Now in addition to these without your knowledge We’re going to look at a psychological fallacy you may be carrying with you. Earlier, we mentioned whether beauty misleads people or not. now facial symmetry Let’s see what happens to people.

First decide for yourself, which of these faces seemed more pleasing(?) to your eyes at first glance?

First of all, it should be noted that. from these faces symmetrical Don’t let what is pleasing to your eyes make you feel bad. Because most of the similar misconceptions happen unconsciously. We often do not even notice the presence of symmetry; in such cases only in our consciousness There are some judgments.

Why is symmetry pleasing to our eyes?

To start with the simple factor, humanity’s symmetry in general is ‘by being good‘ we can show the correlation. In fact, not only us, but also many professors who have carried out their research in this field definitely point out this factor.

This situation is historical in the old days so was it. When we look at the wings of butterflies that still look like reflections of each other, the dancers following each other as if they are mirrors, and many more, we feel inside. it would be nice. When these are not symmetrical, they do not look that good to our eyes.

Today, this has a name in psychology as ‘perceptual bias’:


Although this is actually a more general term, prejudices We can link it to our topic because it also contains it.

It is self-contained by customary judgments, personal distorting one’s thoughts We can explain as. “X trait bad signYou can take action from the draft. Red cheeks, big ears, small hands… it’s endless.

Another important factor stems from the returns of the evolutionary process and our medical knowledge.

hand holding

As we said, as humanity, we do symmetrical things in every aspect, including health. to reconcile with good we are prone. This is a plus point in the search for a spouse in ancient times (even today). That is, “symmetry equals good” thought to manifest itself in the search for a partner, symmetrical non- Seeing faces as unhealthy also plays a role. After all, our body has a unique order and development.

Therefore, if there are no problems, this unique development can continue. This is also a problem of symmetry, in the development of the body. there is a problem gives the impression.

For those who are looking for the best possible mate (and we’re all naturally included), those who don’t have symmetrical facial features start 1-0 behind. In fact, it’s not just about choosing a partner…

John Koetsier

standing here”i never do thisYou don’t need to say “. Because these are not things you do consciously. Because in line with the information placed in your consciousness, you inevitably have preliminary information about people.

Unsymmetrical facial features, many other from the stimulus just one. Therefore I never do Put your thoughts aside and try to be objective at all times.

This can be observed even in friendships.

My friends without symmetrical faces shouldn’t be We are not talking about such an idea. The physical characteristics of your friends, for better or worse, stay in your mind, and when you think about why they are near you, your physical avoiding the flaws At least 1 feature comes. Or vice versa.

Maybe they are very handsome or beautiful, maybe they have a lot of money, maybe they provide you with friendship and trust that you can’t find anywhere else.

And think of people who are in the spotlight even though they have nothing to offer.


It’s pretty easy for companies these days to take one and make it strong. It has been created from scratch for purely financial purposes and is supported by the company. instantly we can see it in famous singers, many influencers and many others. If you put aside all the names that come to your mind, “With the symmetry of this what’s the point?Let’s answer the question.

As these people continue to be famous because they are famous (as money attracts money), the attention from both other companies and people is building on them. As we said, perfectionism is at the forefront as much as possible in the search for a partner or friend. The same is true when it comes to symmetry. shows itself and likewise interest appears.

Wanting to be friends with the strongest in the school, finding a rich husband/wife, being with someone with symmetrical facial features… All of them are requests that lead to the place we are talking about.

bird standing on crocodile

But as you will notice, no one out of nowhere He doesn’t want power or money. They are constantly chased and never because they provide advantages to individuals in the race within society. they don’t stand still.

From the times when overweight women were seen as attractive, today’s slim waist You can see this more clearly when you look at the journey up to the criterion.

Let’s summarize all the content:


Although symmetrical faces are associated with intelligence and health, scientists have studied this and found a relationship between symmetry and intelligence and health. could not find a link.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that there are genetic defects in faces that are too asymmetrical. But here quickly to prejudice Our referral brain seems to be overreacting. Not every person with an asymmetrical face will have genetic problems. It’s like thinking that someone who just sniffs is a corona patient.

Roughly, we can attribute this fallacy to our brain’s pleasure(?). Because its major when stimuli are givenresponds faster to what it can analyze more easily. This puts symmetrical objects one step ahead. Of course, too much of this can be tiring.

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