What Are UFO-Like Shapes in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?

Have you heard before that there are some symbols like helicopters, submarines and light bulbs in some Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs? And that these hieroglyphs are interpreted as ‘aliens brought technology to humans thousands of years ago’?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important civilizations in human history left many works that we admire today. Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Although we know most with the pyramids, Ancient Egypt civilization, with a history dating back almost 3500 years, He left countless legacies to humanity in many fields from science to art. For example, hieroglyphs about technologies that aliens brought to us thousands of years ago… Or at least a large group of people believe that.

Let me give a very short summary for those who do not know the subject at all;

Some hieroglyphs left over from Ancient Egypt have some such shapes. One of the figures is a relief known as the ‘Light of Dendarah’ found in the Temple of Dendarah. The other is another relief found in the Temple of Seti I.

When we look at these shapes from today, we see some common things; helicopter, submarine, a UFO, a light bulb and naturally electricity? In the 2000s BC? So 4000 years ago from today?

These figures immediately bring a lot of conspiracy theories. The most famous one is that an alien and intelligent civilization came to our planet in the 2000s BC and brought great technologies to the Egyptians. Like helicopters, submarines and light bulbs…

Like the pyramids of ancient egyptian civilization engineering marvels building it always comes to mind, ‘how did they do this back then in that non-existence?’ brought the question.

However, it is easier to believe these theories. ‘Understood, aliens helped. How else are they going to build huge pyramids?

Let’s look at it from this angle: 2000 years from now Overdeveloped humanity looks back at the legacies we have left behind and ‘When you’re so ignorant How come they suddenly developed airplanes, the atomic bomb, the internet, and artificial intelligence?’ How true would that be if they said that and they considered the option of assistance from outer space as an answer?

We consider ancient civilizations as ignorant and primitive people because we think that they existed thousands of years ago and do not fully meet some of the concepts we call ‘technology, science, civilization’ today.

However, every step we have taken as humanity for thousands of years has been forward. We are intelligent and ask questions; We were already able to do a lot of things because we had high problem solving and adaptability skills.

in ancient Egypt astronomy, geometry and medicine how advanced it was, the point reached by philosophy and natural sciences in Ancient Greece, in China for many years before Christ. from supernovas to eclipses that many celestial events were spectacularly observed and recorded, and for monitoring earthquakes. how special systems were established, how maize was ‘domesticated’ when it was a completely different plant almost 10 thousand years ago. turned into an edible agricultural product. let’s think…

Raffaello Sanzio – The School of Athens

We must realize that although it may seem as if we have been an advanced species for the last 200 – 300 years, as humanity we have begun to differ from our ancestors, from which we evolved almost 300 thousand years ago. End for 13 thousand years We have a settled life.

As a result, we must abandon this illusion and continue along the long road we have traveled as humanity. all the successes we have achieved we must understand that it does not belong only to the last 200 years…

Let’s come to the main topic; We get it, things in these hieroglyphs have nothing to do with aliens. So what then? Because they really look like helicopters, UFOs, submarines or light bulbs…

Let’s start with the light bulb, the ‘Light of Dendarah’;

According to conspiracy theories, a rather large light bulb is depicted on this relief. If in there is ‘obviously’ filament. The socket connection part of the bulb appears again in what appears to be a connection cable.

If we look for the obvious when we look at this image as a person living in the modern world ‘representation of a giant light bulb‘ we can see. But the truth of the matter is very different and much more meaningful than seeing a straight bulb.

Actually, this relief found in Dendarah Temple is not alone. There are many inscriptions around and throughout the temple to which it was included. These inscriptions are of the Light of Dendarah. Egyptian god Harsomtus, son of Hathor and Horus clearly represents. The Creator God Harsomtus is represented by the serpent, symbolizing rebirth. coming out of the lotus (water lily) flower. Around it is a column known as the ‘djed column’, which represents faith, strength and stability in Egyptian mythology.

Different Djed column representations

djed columnin a ceremony called “resurrecting the djed” was also used. This ceremony was performed to represent the victory of Osiris, the god of goodness, life after death, and rebirth, over Seti, the god of evil. During the ceremony, the pharaoh used ropes to raise a pillar with the help of priests.

The ceremony coincided with the time of the year when the agricultural year began and the fields were planted, and was only part of the 17-day festive holiday dedicated to Osiris. In general, the djed ceremony represented both the resurrection of Osiris and the power and stability of the ruler.

In the image above, there is another snake-shaped Harsomtus without a djed column around it. It is also clearly seen that it came out of a lotus flower.. At the same time, basing the hieroglyphs on different myths, it is stated that the serpent emerging from the lotus flower represents Atum-Ra, an important God from whom everything from the basic substance of the world to the gods is derived.

Helicopters, UFOs, submarines; Hieroglyphs of the Temple of Seti I

In these hieroglyphs seen in the Temple of Seti I, it is indeed possible to liken some shapes to helicopters, UFOs or submarines. But here, too, there is a completely different and rather simple situation.

Located in the Abydos (Egypt) necropolis, this temple was built by King Seti I (1296-1279 BC). Its purpose is to honor the god Osiris, again. In hiegorical “Nine” [Mısır düşmanını] However, since Seti I. died before the temple could be completed, his son Ramses II continues the temple. In this period, the relief is rearranged as “protecting Egypt and overthrowing foreign countries”.

At that time, it was quite common to cover hieroglyphs with plaster and carve them again. In the area where this method, known as palimpsest, is applied, the plaster is poured over time, making both texts visible piece by piece. This is what’s happening here. As you can see above, the texts added during the periods of two different rulers were determined in this way.

Apart from everything; There is no evidence that the Egyptians had accessed or used modern technologies in ancient times. Such data, which are tried to be shown as evidence, are repeatedly refuted by the studies carried out.


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