USDC Issuer Announces: We Do Not Serve Justin Sun

Circle management announced that they did not provide service to Justin Sun, who sent a letter to US senators.

Circle sent a letter to US senators Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren mediating illegal transactions He denied the allegations.

The Campaign for Accountability sent a letter to senators early last month, saying: “What role does Justin Sun, his blockchain TRON, and US-based stablecoin issuer Circle play in financing terrorist organizations?” He asked to examine it.

“Circle does not finance Hamas (or other illegal actors), nor does it mediate it directly or indirectly. Circle also does not provide banking to Justin Sun.” The company said, “What Mr. Neither Sun nor Mr. TRON Foundation, including Huobi Global. Any entity owned or operated by Sun has an account with Circle.” made the statement.

Circle, “To date, the US government, Mr. It did not list Sun or its entities as Specially Designated Persons. Circle, however, Mr. It closed the accounts of Sun and its affiliated companies in February 2023.” said.

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