Transactions of the Cryptocurrency Whale, who Started with 1 Ethereum in Three Weeks and Made 275x Profit, Have Been Detected! Here are all the transactions

known by the short address 0x456. cryptocurrency In an astonishing display of trading prowess, the whale made 1 Ethereum Incredibly, he managed to turn it into 550 thousand dollars.

This represents a return of 27,500%, a feat that has stunned the crypto community.

Whale First Tried His Luck on New Memecoins

Starting with just 1 ETH, the first transactions of 0x456 were relatively small and BONK, CLIPPY And ZUZU It was focusing on tokens such as. These trades, held for only a few minutes at a time, allowed him to gradually accumulate a small chunk of ETH for larger positions.

When 0x456 purchased Morra Games’ token, MORRA, he was still trying his luck by trading more than 50 tokens. This purchase was the whale’s first significant gain. After purchasing this token at launch, he sold it little by little over the next week, making a total profit of 17x.

Just two days after the MORRA transaction, 0x456 purchased P3PE, a token mentioned in a message from the Euler attacker to the KyberSwap hacker. He purchased 3 ETH of the token just two hours after the message was sent and capitalized as the news spread on Twitter. This smart move earned him 16 times profit and almost $100 thousand.

However, his biggest trade came five days later, when he purchased GEC for $6600 at launch. So far he hasn’t sold any of them and these tokens are currently worth over $200k.

To date, 0x456 has bought and sold over 300 token pairs and currently has a wallet balance of over $550k. That’s a return of over 250x from where it started.

*This is not investment advice.

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