Google Explained Where the Name Gemini Comes From

Google, which has been using the name Gemini in all its artificial intelligence products and services since 2023, explained why it chose this name.

Technology giants often take inspiration from mythology and space to find names for their new products. Finally, it was announced that the name Gemini, which Google has used for all artificial intelligence applications since 2023, has a similar origin. Besides, Gemini is also in astrology. Twins English name of the zodiac sign.

According to the statement from the Google DeepMind team, the first name of the project is actually Titan was. Jeff Dean, one of the technical leaders of the project, did not like this name. That’s why he chose another name inspired by space: Gemini. The structure of artificial intelligence was cited as the reason for this decision.

The name of artificial intelligence comes from mythology

The team discovered that the twins’ dual personality structure quick adaptation ability, decided that artificial intelligence technologies were suitable for being able to interact with large numbers of people and see things from different perspectives. On the other hand, Google actually has its own website for these studies.your twins” uses: DeepMind team and the Brain team developed Gemini together.

According to the statements made by Google, another reason why they chose this name is Between 1965 and 1968, Also making a reference to Project Gemini, which tested the technology before the Apollo Moon Landing Mission. On the other hand, the company also brought up different celestial objects during the naming process. Still, the names of the new artificial intelligence systems were named Nano, Flash, Pro, and different names were not chosen.


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