Why Does Sugar Darken When It Heats?

The fact that sugar turns brown when heated may seem like magic. Next thing you know, sugar, which was in clear and white crystal form, suddenly changed its color when heated on the stove and took on brown tones!

We know this state of sugar We know it as caramel. But essentially it’s still the same sugar. So why does such a big change occur in the color of sugar with heat?

This color change is just not a simple heating process; It also explains a series of chemical reactions to us. See what the real reason is!

When sugar is combined with heat, it literally takes on a different form.

This difference causes great changes in its taste and especially its color. On the basis of this situation, thermal decomposition of sugar molecules or its breakdown through dehydration.

sugar molecules, It changes color to brown under high temperatures. It enters the caramelization process that transforms it. But this is only part of the story.

The caramelization of sugar is actually the result of a chemical reaction.

caramel making

When sugar molecules are heated, they loses some fluids and is broken down into smaller components. As a result of this decomposition, new compounds are formed and the color and taste of the sugar changes.

caramelization process, It can occur at different speeds and intensities in different types of sugar. For example, fructose sugars caramelize faster than others and acquire darker color tones.

This change in the color of the sugar is not only due to this process.

Sugar begins to melt when heated, and polymers are formed as it melts. This contributes to the darkening of the color of the sugar.

Therefore, the effect of polymers should not be ignored in this change. Because caramels, toffees and toffees Polymers such as are the main elements that create the brown shades of sugar.

As you can see, we just The sugar we call caramel; Even though it remained the same in essence, it was going through a lot of chemical transformations!

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