Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 Screen Will Crease Less

A new claim has come to the fore regarding the screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6. According to the information obtained, Samsung will use a thicker screen on this smartphone. This will reduce wrinkles.

South Korean technology giant Samsung’s upcoming foldable screen phoneGalaxy Z Flip6There has been a remarkable development regarding “. The Elec, one of the reliable sources, stated that this smartphone’s screen creasing is partially due to will fix it He claimed.

There have been many leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6, which is expected to be announced in July. According to reports, Samsung is working on this smartphone. a better camera setup will prefer. There are also claims of a titanium case and a larger battery. The Elec last statementadded another screen-related leak to all of these.

Samsung will reduce wrinkles by increasing screen thickness

According to information obtained, Samsung has made a new application to reduce wrinkles on Galaxy Z Flip6. will thicken the display panel. In this context; The screen thickness, which was 30 micrometers in the previous model, will be 50 micrometers in Galaxy Z Flip6. Thickening on the screen, in terms of image quality it won’t make any difference.


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However, it is unclear whether a 20 micrometer thickening can completely solve the wrinkle problem. not sure. Industry sources think that there may still be wrinkles on the phone’s screen. But this level of wrinkles more minimally will be.

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