Taking the Rise as an Opportunity, Whale Made a Sale, Altcoin Price was Negatively Affected!

Increased by over 50% yesterday FRONT There is activity on the front.

One of the important market makers in the cryptocurrency market and attracting attention with its investments. DWF Labs received 100,787 FRONT ($44,000 worth) from Binance yesterday had made the purchase.

Afterwards the price started to rise FRONTSales took place in . One of these sales was made by a whale that bought FRONT 8 months ago.

Popular cryptocurrency platform Lookonchain wrote that a whale who bought 7 million FRONTs in January sold his FRONTs after the price increase and made a profit of 1.75 million dollars.

“A whale that attracted 7 million FRONT (worth $1.33 million at the time) in January finally saw a price increase after holding its FRONT tokens for nearly 8 months.

He then deposited 7 million FRONT (worth $3.08 million) on Binance at an average price of $0.44 over the last 8 days.

He made a profit of approximately $1.75 million from FRONT trading.”

It went up to $0.69 with the rise it experienced yesterday. FRONTfell after the sell-off and is trading at $0.472 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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