South Korea’s First Native Rocket ‘Nuri’ Launched into Space

South Korea successfully launched its first domestic rocket, Nuri, into space. Nuri succeeded in placing payloads, including test satellites, into orbit, a first for South Korea.

South Korea has been using domestic rocket for a long time. Nuri He was working on it. In fact, the authorities, who made a launch towards the end of last year, said that they failed in this launch. they announced. Today, the tide has turned. South Korea launched a domestic rocket named Nuri. successfully launched and succeeded in placing the payloads sent into space for testing purposes into orbit.

located in south korea Naro Space CenterLaunched from , Nuri took a 162.5 kg test satellite with it. South Korean officials announced that the test satellite had entered orbit and made contact with a base station in Antarctica. However, a 1.3-tonne satellite and small satellites developed by South Korean university students have also been successfully used. placed in orbit.

Nuri will form the basis of South Korea’s space studies

Nuri is a critical rocket for South Korea. Officials say this rocket is South Korea’s freedom in the sky they call it. The South Korean administration, using this launch rocket, used other communication networks, especially 6G connection technologies, spy satellites and will even carry lunar probes. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said,Now the way from our land to space has been opened.By using the expressions ” he explained the importance of Nuri.


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South Korea, over 30 years He has been working on space technologies for a long time. In fact, launch satellite studies were carried out in the past years, but they were not successful. Now this situation has changed. First USA Collaborating with many countries, including South Korea, seems to be determined to strengthen its presence in space.

Those moments when Nuri was successfully launched:

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