Set Stories Told by the Lord of the Rings Crew

For many people, the events behind the camera are as interesting as the Lord of the Rings movie itself, which is the best trilogy in the history of cinema. We have compiled the stories from the team’s own mouth for you.

Lord of the RingsIt is a fact accepted by the authorities that “” is a production that left its mark on the history of cinema, brought new perspectives to producers and directors, and became a pioneer in new methods and techniques. The behind-the-scenes film as well as the films of the trilogy, which has a very rich cast, arouses curiosity.

Production, J.R.R. TolkienIt is an adaptation of the same name as the work of . With the release of The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, the first film of this fantastic series that Tolkien brought to the literary world with his meticulous work, it was also the case. Not to mention their success at the box office and award ceremonies!

For fans of the film with a rich cast, the actors, their lives and the shooting environment of the films are also a matter of curiosity. Here are some of the stories that the Lord of the Rings team told in various interviews. behind the scenes stories we have compiled for you.

10 events that happened on the set of Lord of the Rings

Sean Bean and his climbing experience

Sean Bean was afraid of flying. While on set trips, other crew members asked the pilot to somersault the helicopter, he was relieved of the stress. Orlando BloomShe was busy bruising her leg. After a while, instead of getting on the helicopter, he preferred to walk from place to place in Boromir outfit and climb the mountain.

Christopher Lee tells Ian Mckellen that the role of Gandalf is a good fit for him

Saruman and Gandalf

Ian Mckellen, who brought Gandalf to life, said his first word to Christopher Lee when they met was “I read Lord of the Rings every year. Anytime Gandalf I thought the role should be mine.” said it was. Lee, who was the only person in the team who could meet Tolkien, also teased the director that the meals in Star Wars were much better than in LotR.

There is actually a hidden reference in the credits

Two giants with generics

Director Peter Jackson and producer Harvey Weinstein had a disagreement over the budget. Weinstein wanted the series to be made into two films, and even hired Jackson to fire him and replace him. Tarantino threatened to bring it. Although things calmed down a bit after the movie continued with different producers, according to a rumor, the two trolls behind the names of the Weinstein Brothers in the credits were actually a reference. Whether this is a coincidence or a message, we leave the decision to you.

Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom were stranded for 3 days due to rain on their way to the set.

Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn

Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean were caught in a storm on their way to a new set. Due to the landslides blocking the road and heavy rain, the duo, who could not use the land and air routes, stayed at an old woman’s house on the mountain for 3 days. According to Bloom, Sean Bean was given a room for 3 days. slept on the sofa. Bad luck Bloom!

Selda Bağcan fan Elijah Wood turns out to be a true collector.


Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo, almost a moment from every movie he was hiding. Wood, who took the map in Bilbo’s room, the sword named the sting and the famous ring as a souvenir, took the book that Bilbo wrote The Hobbit Tale when he went to visit the Hobbit set.

It’s not easy being Gimli

Gimli's make-up is being done

The make-up of John Rhys-Davies, who gave life to the character of Gimli in the movie, was among the longest-lasting make-ups on set. After 4.5 hours in the makeup chair every day, the actress had to deal with some allergic reactions. At the end of 6 months, around the nose and eyes eczema formed. Later, when asked if he would act in the movie if he was offered again, he said that the pain he suffered was more than the money he earned.

“The woman who weaved this went blind”

Armor assembled individually

The films’ costume team spent nearly three and a half years preparing for the project, and more than 12.5 million metal rings were made just for use in making armors. The metal rings were manually assembled one by one by the team members, and two team members were in this process. fingerprints lost.


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Even if you are Aragorn, using a sword in public has consequences


Viggo Mortersen got used to the character and used the weapon. to adapt He took his sword with him wherever he went. So much so that one day, while he was playing with a sword in the street, the police stopped him and he had to promise them that he would not take the sword out of his house.

The only person who could say no to The Beatles would have been Tolkien.

the Beatles

legendary music group the BeatlesThey wanted to make a movie version of the book in the 60s, but Tolkien refused. If this plan had come true, we would have seen Lennon as Gollum, McCartney as Frodo, Ringo as Sam, and Harrison as Gandalf. Paul McCartney himself told this information to director Peter Jackson at an awards ceremony.

Frodo, who has the ability to sleep regardless of place and time

Elijah Wood sleeps on set

According to interviews with the team, Elijah Wood’s super strength regardless of time or place, he could fall asleep in a very short time and adapt to shootings in a short time. The team states that they are amazed by this situation.


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