Samsung may have switched to 2nm technology

Samsung seems to have made new plans to avoid being left behind in chip technologies. The latest reports showed that the company is focusing directly on 2nm instead of the 3nm process. 2nm process first to have Samsung It was claimed that the chips could be released in 2025.

Samsung may release 2nm technology in 2025

According to information from South Korea, Samsung Foundry has taken a strategic step. It was stated that the company skipped the 3nm process and directly switched to the 2nm process. Thus, it aims for higher power distribution and better performance.

Samsung has been 3nm and 1.7nm process It was known that he was working on it. However, it was stated that it suspended these studies and wanted to offer 2nm (SF2) technology by 2025. It should be reminded that there is no 3nm process in the company’s current road map.

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It was stated that Samsung experienced a shrinkage of up to 19 percent in test chips and a 9.2 percent reduction in cable length. These promotional chips also Samsung’s for 2nm process arms It aroused curiosity by not being part of its joint development with .

Samsung; It wants to catch up with rivals such as Intel and TSMC by postponing its plans for 3nm technology. Apple and TSMC to 2nm with iPhone 17 It was stated that it could pass. This can make the iPhone series much more performant and long-lasting.

With 2nm production, Samsung wants to stand out in high-performance applications such as smartphones and data center chips. Analysts expect Samsung to complete 2nm production by 2025 and distribute it next year.

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