Layers feature has finally arrived in Paint!

Microsoft, paint continues to release updates for. Last, background erasing feature was also added to the program. Microsoft’s The reason for making these decisions is that you can use Windows without the need to install an additional application. of professionals It is thought that he can even edit photos. Now Paint is a very useful tool. Photoshop got more features.

Useful feature has arrived for Paint

The Windows 11 Paint app is getting closer to replacing Photoshop for your photo editing needs. Microsoft in Paint app “layers” feature and allows you to use the app as a true canvas for all your creation needs. This feature is currently Dev and Canary Channel to Windows Insiders is offered.

As confirmed by Microsoft, Windows Insiders version of applying this change at 11.2308.18.0 may notice. In this version of the application, there is a new color palette at the far right of the screen. layers There is a section. From here you can click the little “+” icon and add a new layer to your canvas, then work on it as you normally would.

This is in addition to features such as transparency that were previously added to the app in an older update. While this is a small feature, it’s a pretty effective one if you really want to use the Paint app as an image editor. Because it will make it easier to work with multiple images. For now, it still won’t replace Photoshop, but it has become better for quick projects.

Artificial intelligence touch to Paint: Now with one click…

Artificial intelligence touch to Paint: Now with one click…

The Paint app in Windows 11 increases its usefulness. With the new feature, there will be no need for Photoshop.

As you may recall, Microsoft has been busy adding other features to Paint. Just last week the app in the toolbar Image section, from an image in just a few clicks. Easily remove background It gained a background removal feature that allows

Microsoft also announced changes to the Paint app in Windows 11 in August. full dark mode made available to help the application adapt to the way you use your computer. As usual, this feature is expected to come to everyone running the stable version of the operating system, once Canary and Dev Channel complete testing with Windows Insiders. This may take several weeks or months.

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