Information About Affordable Apple Vision Pro Leaked

According to supply chain sources, Apple is working on four new Apple Vision Pro models, including an affordable version. It is also claimed that the affordable version will be 50% cheaper than the first generation and will be introduced in 2025.

Apple last June VisionPro It entered a brand new product category by introducing the mixed reality glasses it named. The device, which has many remarkable features, would be available in the USA in early 2024 with a really expensive price tag of $ 3,500.

Before the first Vision Pro was even on sale, the company’s future plans for the device began to leak. A more affordable pair of glasses was one of them. A report by Digitimes based on its supply chain in Asia has revealed some new information about the next generations of the company’s glasses.

Allegedly Apple is working on four Vision Pro models

According to supply chain sources, Apple four different Vision Pro continues to work on it. There is no information about either of these yet. However, there are some notable details about the other two.

Allegedly someone A high level device just like the first generation will be. The other is more an affordable Vision Pro It will appear as . This supports the leaks that have emerged in recent months.

Affordable version could arrive in 2025 at half the price of Vision Pro 1

The leak also includes some new information about the affordable Vision Pro. Accordingly, Apple has increased the price of the device from the first generation. make it 50% cheaper he thinks. So it may have a price tag around $1,750. This claim also confirms the information put forward by Bloomberg last month. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that the cheap Vision Pro could be in the range of $ 1,500-2,500.

It is possible to say that this price range is still too high. When this version comes out, it will probably appeal to a limited market. However, considering that Apple has long-term plans and has entered a completely new category, we can say that this is not surprising at the moment. As the company develops the product, it may release another Vision Pro in the $1000 range that will rival Meta’s Quest Pro in the coming years.

As for how Apple will reduce prices, the technology giant will total cost of components It will do this by reducing the Bloomberg’s previous claims also said that the company would give up the “EyeSight” feature, which allows us to see the user’s eyes while using glasses, and release an affordable version.


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That’s all we know for now about the new Apple Vision Pro models. According to supply chain sources, the company in 2025 He says he is trying to release a cheaper version. So we have nearly two years ahead of us.

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