Google Stadia’s Boss Quietly Leaving The Company

Google pulled the plug on the cloud gaming service Stadia, which came out in 2019, because it didn’t get enough attention. Now, it has been revealed that the name of the head of the service has quietly left the company.

The US-based technology giant Google launched its cloud gaming service last January, which it introduced in 2019. Stadia had decided to close. The reason for the closure of Stadia, which operates in 23 countries and does not come to Turkey, is not getting enough attention was shown. This decision came months after the studios for game development for Stadia were shut down.

Now, some information has emerged about Phil Harrison, the head of the unsuccessful project Stadia. According to Business Insider, Harrison, who has been at Google since 2018, is no longer with the company.

Phil Harrison quietly left the company when Stadia was shut down

According to the report, Phil Harrison quietly left Google in January, when Stadia was discontinued. The famous business person who joined the company in 2018 was the prominent name in the promotion of the service in 2019. However, Stadia has been talking about game performances as soon as it comes out. criticized for not delivering on promises. Three years later, it was completely canceled. Harrison was the one who said the service wasn’t getting enough attention.

Apart from these, according to Insider’s report, Harrison said that before the service shuts down, the basic streaming technology will be used at Google and made available to partners. However, the technology giant said that these issues will not continue like the consumer side, the project was completely canceled announced.


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