Game of Thrones Normally Will End as a Movie Trilogy!

David Benioff and DB Weiss, the much-criticized creators of Game of Thrones, revealed that the series would normally have been completed as a film trilogy, but executives rejected this. Additionally, executives at AT&T, the owner of HBO at the time, said of the series, “I’m glad it didn’t happen.” It was also stated that he made suggestions that you may ask.

HBO’s Game of Thrones, adapted from George RR Martin’s books, was one of the most successful TV series in history. However, the last season of the production, which said goodbye to the screens with its 8th season in 2019, was not liked by anyone. There were many reasons for this, including the waste of years of character development, the absurdity of the story, and the feeling of being rushed.

After the last season of the fiasco, all fans, the creators of the series David Benioff and DB Weiss He had targeted. The duo, who are still criticized after 5 years, now gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal. The interview also included striking statements about the end of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones was originally planned to end with a movie trilogy, but executives rejected it

David Benioff and DB Weiss said in their statement that their plans were not to season the series, but They plan to end it with a movie trilogy. he stated. In fact, it should be noted that this information is not new. George RR Martin, the author of the books, made such a statement in 2020, but its accuracy was unknown. The new interview of the duo confirmed this.

So why didn’t something like this happen and ended with this terrible season? Benioff says this is because HBO executives are says. Executives wanted to take the series to the cinema and said that HBO was a platform serving at home.

HBO, the telecommunications giant at that time It was under the umbrella of AT&T. AT&T exited the entertainment industry with the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery in 2022 and left HBO’s management. David Benioff and DB Weiss stated that they were never on good terms with these managers.


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If this possibility had come true, the series could have ended much better than the last season. Or we could see a bad ending again. We will never get the answer to this question.

AT&T executives wanted to shoot Game of Thrones in a vertical format so that it would be suitable for phones

The duo’s statements are not limited to these and include:“What could be worse about the series?” It shows that things that answer the question can happen. According to the interview, AT&T executives said Game of Thrones “whether to shoot in portrait format” he asked. The reason for this is make the series suitable for phones They stated that it was.

Another idea is section recommendations. Company executives talked to the duo about Game of Thrones’ “snack mini portionsThey discussed the idea of ​​filming. Of course, none of this happened. Weiss states that he thinks such ideas and instability kill projects.


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The interview between David Benioff and DB Weiss came before their new series to be released on Netflix. The duo’s science fiction series 3 Body Problem, inspired by Cixin Liu’s novels, will debut on March 21, 2024.

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