Dogecoin is Preparing for a Bull Run: It Has a Target of $10 If It Repeats 2021!

The analyst, who attracted attention with his analysis of Centiment data, made an exciting prediction for Dogecoin (DOGE).

The analyst known as Ali made a statement on February 23. in sharingfor Dogecoin 10 dollar price gave the target.

Analyst says Dogecoin price in 2020 A broken triangle formation then enters the consolidation phase and then 28.770% increase He reminded me that he was alive. Stating that DOGE is currently in a similar image, the analyst said that exiting a triangle and consolidation is in the phase he stated.

The analyst also Dogecoin saying that he is potentially preparing for another major bull run. $ 10 pointed out the levels.

Considering Dogecoin’s current price and the rally it is experiencing in 2021 $ 10 for the target to 125 floors It needs to rise close.

The given price target is currently based on CoinGecko data. $11.9 billion If Dogecoin, which has a market value, is not burned close to 1.5 trillion This means it will reach market value.

Dogecoin, at the time of writing from $0.0836 is being traded.

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