Did Qatar Buy Bitcoin (BTC)? Statement from the Former White House Official!

Known for its support of cryptocurrencies Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci from account x Bitcoin He made new statements regarding.

At this point, Scaramucci He shared that Qatar may have added Bitcoin (BTC) to its reserves, becoming the first Middle Eastern country to do so.

“Max says Qatar may have added Bitcoin to its balance sheet. If true, all we can say is thank you, Max Keizer!”

Recent news that Qatar is actively exploring Bitcoin investments first emerged last September 2023, when His Highness Tamim Bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar, arrived in El Salvador to talk about Bitcoin adoption.

There is no official confirmation that Qatar has adopted Bitcoin or made any BTC investments after this visit.

He is also a close friend of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele. Bitcoin maximalist Max Keizer is also known to be trying to get Qatar to accumulate BTC.

At this point, Max Keiser, quoting the news dated September 2023 “this is happening!” said. Scaramucci also shared the post in question, pointing out that Max Keizer’s post was proof that Qatar bought BTC.

Experts point out that the most important issue in the relationship between Qatar and Bitcoin is what will happen to the BTC price when rich Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar start accumulating Bitcoin with their oil money.

At this point, experts said that we could see a large amount of money flowing into Bitcoin as oil-rich countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia start accumulating BTC, which will push the price up.

*This is not investment advice.

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