Crypto Fest 2023 was Held under the Sponsorship of ICRYPEX

Leading cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX hosted Crypto Fest 2023, one of the largest crypto events in Europe, in Istanbul. Thousands of people, including important names in the field, attended the event held on November 25.

ICRYPEX, one of Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, is one of the largest crypto events in Europe. CryptoFest 2023It hosted as the main sponsor. The event was held on November 25 at UNIQ Hall, one of Istanbul’s popular event areas.

Attending the giant crypto and economy event held for the third time this year more than 2000 people attended. Crypto Fest 2023 also hosted many famous names.

Famous economists, journalists, crypto experts and technology executives were at Crypto Fest 2023

The event was held at UNIQ Hall. From economists to journalists, from technology executives to crypto experts Famous names from many fields attended. Özlem Gürses, Emin Çapa, Atilla Yeşilada, Uğur Gürses, Fatih Altaylı, Ali Thursday, Prof. Dr. Important names such as Cem Say, Murat Muratoğlu, Selçuk Geçer and Gökalp İçer made presentations about the global and local economy to the participants.

ICRYPEX Chairman of the Board of Directors Gökalp İçer said about the event: “Visitors attending Crypto Fest 2023 had the opportunity to meet many experts in their fields. “I can say that this is the realization of our vision of spreading financial literacy to the grassroots and ensuring that investors are informed.” He used his expressions.

Hundreds of people attending the event had the opportunity to access important information with the participation of experts on topics such as financial literacy, the state of the markets and the Turkish economy, while visiting the experience areas.

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