BOME-Like SLOTH is on the Whales’ Radar! Why Did Slothana, which Ran for 2 Million Dollars, Become Popular?

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2024 continues to bring the most interesting periods in terms of crypto prices. Major tokens like Bitcoin hit all-time highs. Institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies is bringing new levels to the market. Not only major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but also meme coins continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. According to many crypto analysts, the sector that dominates the first quarter of 2024 is the meme coin sector.

One of the most notable meme coins this month was Book of Meme (BOME). BOME, which burst onto the crypto scene in mid-March, has had a great few weeks, increasing its value by nearly 1300 percent. At its peak, BOME had a market cap of $1.4 billion and was the second most traded meme coin behind Dogecoin (DOGE).

Although BOME is currently down 53 percent from its all-time high, the token still has a large online community. If this community continues to support BOME and the meme coin craze reaches its peak again, the token could be poised for another impressive rally.

As reported by sponsored content, BOME-like SLOTH token may be on whales’ radar. The new Solana token Slothana (SLOTH) managed to achieve $500 thousand on the first day of its pre-sale. It is claimed that purchasing Slothana coins will quickly gain traction in the broader crypto markets. In this sponsored article, the details of the project are conveyed.

Slothana (SLOTH) – Notable New Meme Coin on Solana Blockchain

Slothana stands ready to combine the dynamism of blockchain technology with the unique charm of the sloth. This cryptocurrency, which features a sloth in its logo, may be one of the last jewels in the crypto world, according to many investors.

Its native token, SLOTH, not only represents a fascinating combination of entertainment and financial technology. It also differentiates itself with its unique concept of slowing down and sustainability. In an age dominated by rapid trends and volatile markets, SLOTH brings a fresh perspective and calm to the fast-paced crypto world.

Many investors think that SLOTH will be the next Solana meme coin to go viral, just like SLERF. The SLOTH sale started just a few days ago, but this token running on the Solana network has already managed to generate more than $1.4 million. This impressive amount shows how popular SLOTH is among investors.

Investors who want to buy Slothana coins can visit the official Slothana website. Here, the sale is calculated as 1 SOL coin equaling 10 thousand SLOTH coins. So, at the time of writing, SLOTH is priced at approximately $0.0185 per coin.

Who is the Team Behind SLOTH Token?

There are some rumors that the team behind SLOTH will be linked to the team behind another successful token, SMOG. SMOG experienced a massive rally following its stock market launch.

SMOG started trading at a listing price of just $0.001419 and reached its all-time high of $0.38 in a very short time. It provided a 27 thousand percent profit to its first buyers. It is wondered whether SLOTH will have the potential to show this performance that will make early investors happy.

SLOTH Takes Advantages of Solana Network

SLOTH emerged at a time when demand for meme coins on the Solana network was extremely high. PUNDU, for example, generated more than $100 million from its presale. DogWifHat (WIF) is up 200,000 percent since its listing in December. Another Solana coin, MYRO, was launched in December and shows a 7 thousand percent increase compared to that time.

SLOTH is clearly trying to tap into this market. It’s still very early, but the fact that the token has already collected more than a million dollars is interpreted as a good sign.

Solana has become a standout choice for launching meme coins due to its speed and cheap transaction chain, which eclipses Ethereum. Solana had his problems, too. Last year it suffered blockchain outages. However, it was not as much as the previous year.

Paying high transaction fees to Ethereum validators to introduce a new meme coin on a decentralized exchange is a situation that many developers find unpleasant. The main reason why Solana has become a preferred blockchain for both meme coin creators and investors is that it offers cheap transaction fees. With the rise of meme coins, the Solana blockchain has become the busiest chain in the world today.

Whatever you think of meme coins, Solana is doing a remarkable job, both in terms of its on-chain activity and its token price. SOL price is trying to climb back to the $200 level. Wherever the SOL token goes, Solana meme coins may follow. As a result, SLOTH is claimed to be a token that takes advantage of Solana.

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