10 Important Names Who Left Their Mark in Turkish History with Their Stories

Our history says, “I’m glad they exist!” It is full of many people that we would like to say. We brought together 10 of these important names.

Scientists, brave personalities who made great contributions to our military history, writers and more… Each of them has produced incredibly valuable works and they still manage to make a name for themselves today.

This is what we put together People with important and interesting stories Let’s take a look at who he is and what he’s done.

10 important names that left unforgettable traces in our history:

İhsan Ketin, the founder of modern geology in Turkey, who was educated under the instructions of Atatürk:

İhsan Ketin’s childhood The love of nature started with examining the stones of Erciyes, It gave him eyes that knew how to look at Turkey’s mountains, hills and nature for 55 years. He received valuable training in Germany and met a famous tectonist in Bonn.

Tectonics to Ketin Finding the “truth hidden in the rocks” He taught that the only way to get rid of it was to “go to nature”. After his academic success, which included a doctorate, he returned to Turkey and became the first geologist born within the borders of the Ottoman Empire to receive a doctorate. He also discovered the North Anatolian fault line.

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Sabiha Tansuğ, the first woman whose image was printed on money:

sabiha tansug

Sabiha Tansuğ, who spent her childhood in poverty, had to start life at a young age and He turned his attention to hats. She sewed; He made various hats, local clothes and puppets and sold them.

One day, on his way to write one of his newspaper articles, he stopped by a village coffeehouse and saw the headdress called “eğribaş”, which he had worn on his head in primary school and was impressed by it. Tansuğ immediately bought it and was full of adventure from that day on. Travel to Anatolia dashed and collected different women’s hats.

The mint director of the period was interested in Tansuğ’s work and wanted to print a photograph of him with his title on a coin. Sabiha Tansuğ Hanım was on the 50 kuruş list with “Oghuz Turks Ankara Women’s Head” and remained so from 1971 to 1989. First time, a woman of the people without a political personalitywas on the money.

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Fighter pilot Vecihi Hürkuş, who won Turkey’s first air victory:

vecihi hurkus

Vecihi Hürkuş, who joined the 7th Airplane Company of the Ottoman Empire as a pilot while the First World War was continuing, identified enemy positions with numerous reconnaissance flights and bombing operations Edited. Hürkuş, who was captured by the Russians whose planes he shot down, jumped into the Caspian Sea from the prison camp on Nargin Island and managed to swim to Iran.

Hürkuş, who made the first and last flight of the War of Independence, at the founding of the republic its share was large. He received 3 medals of appreciation from the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This man, who was passionate about his love for his country and hunted down the enemy one by one by denying them passage from the air, even designed and produced an airplane.

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Aziz Sancar, our scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize:

Aziz Sancar

Coming from a poor family, Aziz Sancar received a good education despite all the difficulties. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, he turned to molecular biology and came to the fore with his theses at Texas and Yale universities. DNA repair, biological clock, cancer treatment He wrote 288 scientific articles and 33 books on topics such as!

Aziz Sancar, thanks to his work mapping how damaged DNA is renewed by cells, in 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry He made us proud by being entitled to receive it.

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Dilhan Eryurt, the first scientist to prove that the Sun gradually loses brightness and heat:

dilhan eryurt

Dilhan Eryurt, with her interest in mathematics during her high school years, went to Istanbul University, Department of Higher Mathematics and Astronomy. In his research, Towards the Sun and other stars made important contributions.

Eryurt, whose work in the field of astronomy continued throughout his life, started working at NASA’s Goddard Research Center. The Sun is gradually losing its brightness and heat. proved and contributed to the course of manned expeditions to the Moon.

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Atatürk’s spy bouncer, codenamed “British Kemal”, Ahmet Esat Tomruk:

Ahmet Esat

Ahmet Esat joined the Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa and thanks to his superior knowledge of foreign languages, he was one of the leading commanders of the British. receiving confidential information He started doing useful things for the organization, such as: He was later caught and sent to the prison in Beyoğlu, but this was neither the first nor the last. Ahmet Esat, who later disguised himself as an American journalist, quickly became close to high-level Greek commanders.

Ahmet Esat, who made significant contributions to the War of Independence movement, immediately conveyed the necessary intelligence he obtained on the island of Rhodes regarding the occupation of Anatolia to Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Even though he was imprisoned many times, he always managed to escape and continued his duty.

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Hüseyin Yılmaz, who was a physicist when he was a shepherd and went to the same university as Einstein:

Hüseyin Yılmaz

A group of teachers working in Denizli met Hüseyin here when they decided to go on a picnic. Teachers immediately noticed his potential and took him to school. Later, Hüseyin, who read the book given as a gift in a mathematics competition he participated in, said: there is a deficiency He said and went to his teacher. The part he mentioned as missing was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity!

His teacher was so impressed that he wrote a letter to his former physics professor. When he finished high school to ITU Electrical Engineering His teachers were astonished by Hüseyin’s questions. Finally, he was called by MIT and received the title of doctor. His work laid the foundation for today’s voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Hüseyin Yılmaz, who attended the academy at Princeton University, was in the same school as Einstein. He wrote some letters to him about his work, but Einstein died without reading the letters. Dr. Hüseyin Yılmaz’s works were published after Einstein’s death and entered the scientific literature as “Yılmaz theory of gravity”.

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Tomris Uyar, who brought a new perspective to Turkish literature:

Tomris warns

Having received good training, Tomris Uyar started her career as a translator. In the 1970s, he entered the world of literature, where he gained a modern perspective. Known in Turkey for his innovative works, especially in the short story and essay genres, the author has always maintained his unique style and One of Turkey’s most respected writers became one.

Tomris Uyar, who was deemed worthy of many awards throughout her life, passed away in 2003, but her books are still It continues to be read passionately.

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Beşir Fuad, who started the suicide epidemic in the Ottoman Empire:

bashir fuad

The life of Beşir Fuad, one of our valuable writers, It never quite worked out. His mother was a woman who was constantly going crazy and had psychological disorders. His end ended with suicide.

The second marriage of Beşir Fuad, who was married twice It didn’t happen by his own will. and his second son named Namık Kemal died of cranberry disease when he was only one and a half years old.

One day in 1887, Fuad came to his house as usual. He took paper and pen, sprayed morphine on his wrists, and then cut his veins. While blood is flowing from your wrists what you felt at that moment put it on paper.

After the suicide incident, Sadullah Pasha and The suicides of other poets were also heard. On March 11, 1887, newspapers were banned from reporting suicide, but this was lifted six months later. This went down in history as the first suicide epidemic of Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire.

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Black Musa, who protected Turkish lands at the cost of his life:

black moses

Black Musa, who voluntarily participated in the Tripoli War, met Kuşçu Başı Eşref there and became his adjutant. In addition to his armed struggle in the wars he participated in, Since he spoke five languages, he also provided intelligence.

He successfully completed one of the most difficult tasks of the Ottoman Empire, taking 300 gold coins to Yemen, bypassing the British in Arabia. Sudanese Musa was among the British spies for Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa. disguised as a slave He infiltrated and received considerable information from the British until his identity was revealed and he went to Istanbul.

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That’s all precious names, He managed to either cheer us up or surprise us with what he did throughout his life. Who caught your attention the most? We are waiting for you in the comments.

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