1. FC Saarbrücken: Koschinat shoots against his Verballer professionals – football

Almost 40 minutes in excess – but 1. FC Saarbrücken gave away two points in the 0-0 in Cologne …

Because the FCS left a row of chances in the final quarter of an hour. Above all: Köhl, Jänicke and Jacob.

Coach Uwe Koschinat (50) nails against his Verballer professionals: “If you get three to four really good opportunities in this phase, you just have to be able to push the ball over the line. What I didn’t like at all, and I’m angry about that, is the quality of our standard situations. It feels a lot like dissatisfaction with me. “

Tobias Jänicke was unlucky when his shot was cleared by Rossipal just before the linePhoto: Getty Images for DFB

Just ten goals after eight games is not enough for Saarbrücken’s claims. It is also clear: The FCS are of course missing the goals of last year’s top scorer Nicklas Shipnoski (now Düsseldorf), in addition, Sebastian Jacob was repeatedly thrown back from injuries at the start of the season and is still without a goal.

And that’s why Saarbrücken has a hard time. Midfield clearer Luca Kerber (19): “After the game we have to pull this thing. But we just don’t use the chances that we play well. “

The thickest was awarded by youngster Marius Köhl (20), who sabered over the ball in stoppage time.

Koschinat criticized: “A young player has to be able to do that because I can see something in the boy. He is right and makes completely wrong decisions. That was an easy ball that he has to finalize and then we’ll probably leave the field as winners. “

But Köhl didn’t – and that’s why the pressure increases before the home game on Saturday against Türkgücü Munich.