YouTube Music keeps up with Android 12 Material You design!

Google recently released the latest beta version of the new operating system to users. Android 12 beta 5The manufacturer, which launched the , will probably present the new operating system stable in October.

As the countdown begins for the official version of Android 12, the number of apps that keep up with it has started to increase. New apps for a few weeks. Material You adapted to the design Google, finally YouTube Music added its application to this caravan.

Google Translate gets new interface

Changing the design of its applications such as clock and calculator with Android 12, Google is also renewing its Translate application.

Youtube Music gets new Material You design in Abdroid 12

Redesigned by Google Material Youis now being tested in more applications. The US manufacturer has finally adapted Google, Gmail, Calendar and a few apps to this design language, as it approaches the official release. YouTube Music rolled up his sleeves in the application.

In Android 12, the new Material You design brings new widgets for YouTube Music. The current version of the app currently has a single widget on Android that displays album art, media controls, and like buttons.

However, after the update, YouTube Music’s messy lineup will be replaced by a simple new button. As you can see above, Google is testing a new circle-shaped widget design for YouTube’s popular music app.

The updated widget design of the Music app comes after other Google apps adapted to the Material You design. The company in the past weeks; While redesigning many applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet Drive, Documents, Sheets and Slides for Material You, it has now added the YouTube Music application to this group. It will soon be updated to adapt to Material You design in apps like Translate, Google Lens, and Messeges.