Why Should We Not Adopt Dogs Like Pugs and Bulldogs?

These breeds, which are expressed as “wrinkled-faced and short-nosed”, which are suitable for experiencing much more health problems than dogs with a classic body structure and facial features in a dog, are quite cute and interesting to us.

In fact, these wrinkled-faced breeds, like Pug and Bulldog, have some characteristics that they have from birth to death, even though we are not aware of it. suffers constantly from hereditary ailments. Adopting them and encouraging them to reproduce is one of the worst evils done to these souls.

So, what do these dogs look like with their mouth, nose and face shapes? with health problems are you facing?

“Brachycephalic,” a scientific term veterinarians use to describe dogs with short noses and wrinkled faces, comes from two Greek words meaning “short” and “head.”

brachycephalic expression, mouth flattened or squashed inward Used for dogs that look like Their lower jaws are disproportionately longer than their upper jaws, and these dogs’ lower jaws may appear to be protruding.

Popular wrinkled-faced breeds Among them are French and English bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Shih Tzular and Boxer dogs.

The most common ailment seen in these dogs with wrinkled faces and narrow noses is “airway syndrome”.

Also known as brachycephalic syndrome, canine difficulty breathing creating a problem. There are several reasons behind this ailment.

The skulls of these breeds have much more short nasal bones than dogs that protect their long noses.


For this reason, there is relatively more skin and soft tissue around these areas. This means that as the tissue is compressed into a smaller space, narrowing or partial obstruction of the airway causes.

The trachea of ​​brachycephalic dog breeds are also very problematic.


The trachea of ​​these breeds are often deformed and narrowed during their lifetime. So every breath they take less oxygen uptake it causes.

Dogs with wrinkled faces and snub noses cannot sweat and instead regulate their temperature largely by panting.

Dogs with longer muzzles cool themselves quickly by drawing air over the large surface area of ​​the tongue, but these breeds cannot perform this action efficiently. In this direction, brachycephalic dog breeds overheating probability is higher.

Even some older dogs, if exposed to excess weight and very hot weather with death It can even be nose to nose.

These breeds can suffer from heart problems as they have shortened and narrowed airways.


Dogs with wrinkled faces and short noses experiencing breathing difficulties are constantly copes with a lack of oxygen. This strains the dog’s heart and makes them more susceptible to heart ailments.

Although these breeds have the same number of teeth compared to other dogs, they can also face various dental problems.


brachycephalic dogs, your teeth into a much smaller area their teeth may overlap. This increases the chances of cavities and gum disease.

The head shape of the wrinkled-faced and short-nosed breeds means they often have deep skin folds and ear canals around their eyes.


These areas are poorly ventilated and can invite skin and ear problems. This causes yeast infections to be promoted and the dog very painful process waits.

Narrow-nosed breeds with a distinctive eye structure are vulnerable to eye ailments.


If the tear film does not spread properly, these dogs are very vulnerable to eye injuries. If the eye problems that occur are not treated, ulcers that will cause eye loss can develop.

English and French bulldogs often require a C-section when their puppies are ready to be born because there is a mismatch between the puppies’ large heads and their mother’s birth canal.


While these two breeds need some help during the birth at a rate of 80%, some bulldogs can give birth naturally. If this support is not provided during an interventional birth, these bulldog mothers will may die in pain during childbirth and their offspring are unlikely to survive.

Brachycephalic breeds can suffer from neurological (brain) problems, often due to the compressed skull shape.

Formed by cavities or cysts in the spinal cord While painful conditions can be very common, this condition is most common in Cavalier King Charler Spaniels.

Dogs with a squashed face may also struggle to communicate with other dogs.


Because the facial structures of these breeds are quite different, this appearance may seem strange to other dogs and this difference can be seen between them. communication problem can give birth.


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