WhatsApp backup system is changing: it will no longer be unlimited!

WhatsApp currently allows Android users to back up chats and media files to Google Drive without any limits. In accordance with the partnership between the umbrella company of the application Meta (Facebook) and Google, the users WhatsApp backup does not fall out of the quota in Drive. It is learned that this situation will change soon.

Known for revealing the features coming to WhatsApp months ago, WABetaInfo has reached the codes of a future version of the application. Accordingly, in the Android application of WhatsApp unlimited backup period will expire appeared. Although it is not known how the backup feature will work in the new era, there are several possibilities.

WhatsApp changes the menu used for years

With the new file sending menu that will come to the WhatsApp application, users will be able to access the gallery more easily.

WhatsApp backups may drop from Google Drive quota

First of all, for WhatsApp backups to be uploaded to Google Drive. can limit. If this method is used, Android users will not be able to back up their chats and media files on WhatsApp as much as they want. Of course, it is not yet clear how much limit Google will set. Ultimately, however, unlimited backups will no longer be available as they are now.

whatsapp backup
Details of the new backup system emerged in WhatsApp’s codes.

On the other hand, WhatsApp backups Possibility of dropping from Google Drive quota is also in question. To remind you, Google ended its free and unlimited backup support for the Photos app last year. Since June 1st, images and videos uploaded to Photos have started falling out of the current quota of the Google Drive account.

If the latter happens, just like files uploaded to Photos WhatsApp backups also exceed Google Drive quota. will take. This means that all the content you backed up will be included with each Google account. Free to 15GB capacity (or additional domain you purchased as a Google One member).

Free 15 GB Google Drive space will not be enough

In case of WhatsApp backups falling out of the Drive quota, each Google account will be automatically defined. free 15 GB capacity will become insufficient over time. This will inevitably force users to purchase a monthly subscription-based Google One membership.

Prices for Google One membership $5.79/month or $57.99/year for 100GB; £11.59 or £115.99/year for 200GB; 28.99 TL/month or 289.99 TL/year for 2 TB changes in shape. The company also offers free VPN service under its 2TB Premium plan.

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