Voyager Digital Raised $60M from Alameda Research-led ‘Assigned Selling’ Sales

Crypto trading platform Voyager Digital, led by Alameda Research, has raised $60 million through a “private sale” method at $2.34 per share.

According to the press release published on May 16, Voyager Digital will be using the dedicated sales method. $60 million from investors collected.

Dedicated sales method, which is “Private Placement” in English, is the It is a kind of funding round that only some investors can participate in, not through a public offering.

With this supply, the total liquidity value Over $225 million among investors of the crypto trading platform, with the exception of Alameda Research Galaxy Digital, Blockdaemon and Digital Currency Group there is also.

In the statement made by Voyager, the company’s total liquidity 175 million in fiat money while it is stated as 50 million dollars It has been announced that part of it is in crypto money.

Voyager Digital, on March 31 compared to the previous year in the quarterly report 70% increase reported. With this increase, the total 103 million dollars It was reported that he earned close income.

Voyager’s stock on the Toronto stock market at the time of writing 21.5% decrease on May 16 lived.

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