vivo is preparing to compete with Zeiss

There was a remarkable development regarding the vivo X100 Ultra. It has been claimed that this smartphone will come with vivo’s own imaging brand “BlueImage”.

Chinese technology giant vivo has been releasing its new flagship phone for a while now X100 Ultra continues to work on it. Statements made in the past have significantly increased the expectations for this smartphone. arriving today a new reportIt seems like it will make the phone even more interesting.

We have readers who remember; In a news we shared with you a few days ago, senior vivo manager From a statement about the X100 Ultra we mentioned. According to this statement, vivo X100 Ultra is “It will be a professional camera that also has phone functionality.“It has become clear why the Vivo official said such a thing.

vivo X100 Ultra will host the company’s own imaging brand BlueImage

According to information from Chinese sources, vivoBlueImageIt will host a new imaging brand called “”. This brand was developed by vivo itself. BlueImage is affiliated with brands such as Zeiss and XMAGE. will be rivals.


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What vivo’s BlueImage branded camera technology has to offer unknown for now. However, the company is likely to reduce expectations for the flagship phone it will announce next month. had a ceiling built case. Let’s see if this smartphone can really meet the expectations…

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