Unity will charge fees for games uploaded to stores

Developer of the popular game engine Unity Unity Technologiesdecided to make sharp changes in its wage policy. With the new decision, a certain commission will be requested for every game downloaded by users. This situation seems to put a lot of pressure on independent developers.

Unity will charge for every game installed

According to Unity’s statement, starting next year, players will downloaded each game fee deduction to do. Fees will vary depending on Unity subscription plan, but are at least per install. $0.15-$0.20 It was reported that it would happen.

new fees Unity subscription costs will be added to it. However, not every developer will be charged a fee. It was uploaded to the application stores and it was stated that a deduction would be made from the amount earned in the last 12 months. Additionally, only games that achieve “significant achievements” will be subject to a per-install fee.

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Let us note that the Unity game engine is popular in both the mobile and desktop world. Escape From TarkovOuter Wilds, Hearthstone, Hollow Knight and Beat Saber were developed with this engine.

In particular, independent developers began to oppose this policy. Developing custom games with Unity Developers who spend significant time and resources on such projects state that they will face unpredictable new fees. If these cuts increase in game prices may cause.

Some developers also oppose deducting re-uploaded games with this policy. The same user who reinstalls a game after deleting it is requested not to be charged. Unity said it will not make a deduction for games that are returned or developed for charity for now.

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