Turkish Automobile Designers and the Brands They Work For

Although Turkey has taken an important step in domestic automobiles with Togg, we have had important representatives in the automotive industry for many years. The most important of these are undoubtedly Turkish designers working for giant automobile brands. Today, we have brought together for you the Turkish designers who have created very special automobiles for important brands abroad.

For automobiles, design is as important as technical details. In fact, for most people, the first thing they look at when buying a car is design. For this reason car designers They play a very vital role for brands.

Brands work with important designers and design offices to make their vehicles much better. It is the choice of many major automobile manufacturers around the world. Turkish designers is happening.

Turkish designers manage to find a place in many large automotive companies around the world.

When Turkish designers are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Murat Günak, Murat Guler And Hasip Girgin is coming. However, in addition to these great designers, there are also many Turkish designers who have found a place in big companies, especially in recent years.

Come all together Turkish designers Let’s take a closer look at their short life stories and the projects they were involved in:

Murat Günak: The design leader of the domestic automobile Togg.

Murat Günak Turkish Designer

The design leader of our domestic car Togg Murat Günak, was born in Istanbul in 1957. Günak completed his secondary school education in Istanbul and then studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany. Günak received his postgraduate education at the Royal College of Art in London, and then He started his design career.

Günak, who worked at Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Peugeot and Volkswagen throughout his career, has his signature on many cars. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202), Mercedes-Benz SLK (R170), Peugeot 206 CC, Peugeot 307Peugeot 607, Volkswagen Passat CC and Volkswagen Golf V; It can be shown as the most important projects in which Günak is involved.


Successful Career of Murat Günak, from the Design Team of the Domestic Automobile

Murat Güler: Ford Europe Chief Designer.

Murat Güler Turkish Designer

Murat Güler, born in Germany in 1971, studied fine arts in Switzerland. Güler started working at Volkswagen in 1996, and then worked at Mercedes-Benz for a short time. Güler, who started working at Ford Europe in 1999, took his first important step a year later with the car he designed. Ford Focus scored with the model. Güler’s design was selected among a total of 8 projects and was put into production.

In addition to Ford Focus, Murat Güler has also created S-Max, Mondeo and Kuga models. After his designs, Güler transferred to Ford’s Detroit department, and then Ford of Europe Chief Designer happened. The successful designer still continues in this position and continues to put his signature on the brand’s vehicles.

Hasip Girgin: Creator of the much-loved Mazda 3 model.

Hasip Girgin Turkish car designer

Another successful Turkish automobile designer is Hasip Girgin. Born in Izmir in 1971, Girgin moved to Germany with his family when he was 4 years old. The successful designer, who graduated from the automobile design department at Pforzheim University in 1994, joined Mazda after working for a short time at Ford after graduation.

Girgin, who took his real big step in the Japanese company, produced a product that was sold very well in our country for a while. Mazda 3 undertook the design of the model. While Girgin also carried his signature on Mazda’s other models, the MX-5 Superlight concept was also very popular. Girgin also has his own design studio.

Hakan Saraçoğlu: A Turk who designs Porsches.

Hakan Saraçoğlu Turkish designer

Hakan Saraçoğlu, born in 1966, completed his education at Art Center College of Design and worked in exterior design at Ford. Saraçoğlu, who later moved to the German giant Porsche, worked under this brand for approximately 14 years. In this process Cayman,Boxter, 911 GT2 And 918 The successful designer, who created his signature models, managed to write his name in the history of the Porsche brand.

After that CherySaraçoğlu, who started working in Shanghai as the design director of , played a critical role in the new road map of the Chinese manufacturer. Later, Saraçoğlu moved under the Enovate brand, which produces fully electric vehicles, and has been under the umbrella of Chery since 2021. jetour He is responsible for the design of the brand.

Cemal Kuruş: Mercedes-Benz chief exterior designer.

Cemal Kuruş EQXX

One of our designers who has started to make a name for itself recently is Cemal Kurus appears as. Born in Germany in 1983, Kuruş graduated from Pforzheim University, Department of Vehicle Design. Kuruş, who interned at Honda and Volkswagen studios, started his business life at Ford. In 2016 Mercedes-Benz The successful designer, who was incorporated into the company, made his name known under the umbrella of the German brand.

Cemal Kuruş, who served as senior exterior designer at Mercedes-Benz throughout the year, will Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design He earned the title of chief exterior designer in California. Kuruş is the car that Mercedes-Benz describes as its most efficient car ever and has a range of over a thousand kilometers. Vision EQXX He also took part in the design team of the model.

Berk Erner: The designer who created KIA’s electric models.

Berk Erner KIA

While the number of electric cars is increasing, designers have started to design their vehicles according to new powertrains. electric car We can count Berk Erner among the most important designers who keep up with the world. Erner, who started studying design at Art Center College of Design in 2009, started his career as a designer at Nissan and Infiniti.

Afterwards the path KIA Erner has been working as a senior exterior designer at the South Korean manufacturer since 2018. KIA’s electric SUV model, which has recently made significant strides in electric vehicles EV9It also bears the signature of our Turkish designer.

Designers who make cars more lovable are of great importance in the automotive industry. We are proud that there are very important Turkish designers in this sector. So, you Turkish designers Who else do you think should be on our list?

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