The trojan named Hook threatens Androids!

Cybersecurity experts are warning of a new Android malware that can hijack data, leak personal information and use that information to make financial transactions. It is stated that this newly discovered application poses a great risk for Android users. It has been announced that there are users from Turkey among those affected by this software.

Trojan named Hook threatens Android users

The malware, discovered by researchers at security firm ThreatFabric, has been named Hook. It is stated that Hook is basically a trojan for a banking industry. It can be said that Hook is very similar in software to Ermac, another popular trojan.

The malware, which uses VNC to take control of mobile devices, has WebSocket communication capabilities. It is stated that Hook also encrypts the communication traffic using the hard-coded key AES-256-CBC. The newly discovered malware can perform many functions on smart devices.

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Hook after Android takes over a phone; It can perform actions such as screen scrolling, taking screenshots, clicking options and long pressing. The researchers also warn that the malware could also be used as a File Manager application. It is stated that malicious people can list all the files of the users with the help of this software and leak what they have found.

According to experts, there are devices in many countries that have been compromised with this application. In addition to Turkey, the USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy, France, Canada and Australia are among the countries mentioned.

In order for the application to be fully active and to access personal information, it must obtain the necessary permissions. Therefore, we recommend that users pay attention to the applications they download and review their access rights. So what do you think about this subject? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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