The Lucy spacecraft is in trouble! NASA is investigating

NASA (USA Aviation and Space Agency), Lucy spacecraft announced that he had successfully begun the first phase of his mission. Lucy’for 12 years Jupiterin orbit of Trojan expected to study asteroids. from the USA The agency said the mission’s ultimate goal is to learn more about how the Solar system formed.

One hour after departure Atlas V The spacecraft, which separated from its rocket, successfully passed the first step of the mission. However, the explanations made now show that a problem has been encountered. Agency, (referring to the world) Lucy He said that he was working on the problem to be solved before he left the house.

Lucy spacecraft with two Turkish messages launched

The Lucy spacecraft, which will help us understand the evolution of the solar system, was launched into space with 20 messages on it.

The problem may have occurred after Lucy got up.

NASAon Saturday, October 16 Cape Canaveral in Floridafrom United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launched Lucy’s He said one of the solar panels might not be locked in place, creating a potential problem. It is stated that the engineers are currently working on the subject.

Lucy’s The 7.3-metre-wide solar panels were said to be undetected in pre-launch tests and within 90 minutes afterward. However, it was shared that after the departure of the rocket, which is the 2nd stage, they encountered an error that this part may not be locked in place.

Will Lucy be able to continue her mission?

NASAshared a post on his website on Sunday, October 17. Lucy’of the he said it works stably and smoothly but gives an error that the indicators are not fully locked on the secondary panels. However, he stated that this situation did not damage the structural integrity of the spacecraft, that it could continue to operate and that it is currently on its way to Jupiter, its mission location.

NASA’These panels were not used despite the fact that the spacecraft could continue the mission. Lucy cause great concern, as it is of vital importance to Associate director of science for the agency involved in the project Thomas Zurbuchen He tweeted: “This team has already overcome many challenges and I am sure they will prevail here too.

What do you think about this subject? The cost of the project in which 8 asteroids will be explored in total $981 million. Do you think the mission will fail due to a docking error? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments!

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