The Development That Makes You Say Is Volkswagen Golf Getting Facelifted!

There was a development suggesting that Volkswagen may have decided to renew the Golf. A car that looks identical to the Golf 8 from the outside has been spotted being tested with a brand new infotainment screen.

Germany-based auto giant Volkswagenseems to have decided to renew the iconic model Golf. Because the facelifted Volkswagen Golf is currently to spy cameras is caught. When we look at the shared images, we see that the new Golf will come to the fore with its interior design rather than exterior design.

The exterior design of the facelifted Golf, which is reflected in the spy cameras, is generally same as eighth generation. However, this may change in the future. In interior design, we encounter a great innovation. The infotainment screen used in the eighth generation Golf 8 is gone and replaced by a new one. Moreover, the new infotainment screen is better than before. much bigger.

Here are the first photos shared for the new Golf

According to the information in the news of Motor 1, Volkswagen has a reason to focus on the infotainment screen. Allegedly related to Volkswagen Golf most criticized The issue was this screen, and the company, which could not remain indifferent to it, decided to renew the Golf’s screen. By the way; regarding the issue, a report from the Volkswagen front there is no explanation Let’s say too.

Golf 9

Shared images show the tested facelift Golf at an early stage makes you think it is. Because the cable crowd around the infotainment screen inside the vehicle is also present on the outside. If you look carefully, you can see the presence of the cables on the pole to the left of the driver. But what purpose do these cables serve? Unknown.


The fact that no changes were noticeable in the exterior design of the vehicle, as the Webtekno team, led us to two different thoughts. The first of these is the exterior design of the vehicle. not yet started. Once the company completes changes to the interior design, it can also get a handle on the outside. Perhaps Volkswagen may be working on a new infotainment screen. If the company’s plans are like second thought, the 2023 Volkswagen Golf could be optionally We can say that it can come with a new infotainment screen. Of course, it should not be forgotten that these are just guesses. The statement to be made by Volkswagen will solve the mystery…


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