The Court Made Its Decision in the Insider Leaking Case of Coinbase’s Former Product Manager! Here are the Details!

cryptocurrency In a significant development in the field of law, a US court Coinbase delivered a verdict against Sameer Ramani, an accused in a doxxing case involving former product manager Ishan Wahi and his brother Nikhil Wahi.

US Judge Rules Secondary Market Sales in Coinbase Insider Case Are Securities Transactions

The decision suggests that transactions involving certain crypto assets on secondary markets, including Coinbase, should be classified as securities transactions.

The court’s decision, which ruled against Ramani for failing to respond to subpoenas or appear in court, underscores a critical stance on the classification of crypto assets.

The decision clearly states, “Each issuer continued to make such representation regarding the profitability of its tokens even while the tokens were traded in secondary markets. Therefore, under Howey, all of the crypto assets that Ramani purchased and traded were investment contracts.”

The court considers that Ramani escaped prosecution by fleeing the country because he did not take part in legal proceedings.

This decision follows the settlement between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ishan Wahi and Nikhil Wahi signed in May 2023, which the SEC described as “the first insider trading case involving cryptocurrency markets.”

The decision takes on added significance amid ongoing debates surrounding the regulatory classification of cryptocurrencies.

While the crypto industry and Coinbase have argued that cryptocurrencies do not constitute securities and therefore fall outside the SEC’s jurisdiction, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has consistently argued otherwise, claiming that most cryptocurrencies meet the definition of a security.

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