The Controversial Company Sold All of the Altcoins It Collected in Large Amounts Today, After Hours

DWF Labs, the most talked about market maker company of recent days, made some unusual announcements today. altcoin carried out the transactions.

The company announced the 1.8 billion LeverFi (LEVER) tokens it purchased around 2pm today. cryptocurrency The exchange transferred it to Binance. The dollar value of this amount of LEVER tokens is around $2.85 million, which is a serious figure considering LEVER’s market cap of $45 million.

However, when the LEVER price chart is examined, it is observed that the sale made by DWF Labs does not affect the price much. On the contrary, LEVER price gained more than 12% today and is trading at $0.001737 at the time of writing. The company made a transfer to Binance when the price was at 0.00171.

At the time the company’s wallet received these tokens, the LEVER price was $0.001555.

CoinMarketCap chart showing the developments in the LEVER altcoin price during the day.

Wintermute Trading accused its rival DWF Labs of manipulating the market at the Token2049 conference in Singapore. The DWF Labs team found this statement ridiculous and issued a denial.

*This is not investment advice.

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