That Altcoin Introduced Massive Airdrop, Here Are the Details…

TON Foundation shared details of massive airdrop for NFT traders. Airdrop is based on a points and rewards system. Meanwhile, the price of TON, the native token of the altcoin project, fell along with the market.

Airdrop from TON for NFT traders: What’s in the bag?

TON Foundation recently introduced a $600K airdrop for active NFT traders and holders. Thus, he took an important step in the crypto community with his cryptographic journey. In its post, TON Foundation announced that crypto firm Getgems, xRare and Ton NFT Diamonds will airdrop 105,600 TON for active traders in NFT markets.

The crypto firm stated that it received the snapshot for the 105,600 TONS airdrop on April 23 at 8:00 am ET. Specifically, it noted that active traders in the above-mentioned NFT markets between April 11 (2 PM CEST) and April 23 (8 AM CEST) are eligible for the airdrop. However, NFT collection holders, non-wallet addresses, and Sybil wallet addresses will not receive airdrops. However, all NFT collectibles on the above marketplaces are whitelisted for the event.

Details about airdrop

Interestingly, TON Foundation has ruled out a points system for distributing airdrop rewards, all of which depend on various on-chain metrics for users. Specifically, if the number of NFT collectibles he/she exchanges is between 2-4, the user will receive 1 point. Similarly, as the number of collectibles he exchanges increases, the points collected will also increase. Thus, the altcoin project underlined a directly proportional relationship between exchange and rewards.

Meanwhile, it also allocated points based on the number of NFT transactions performed, NFT transaction volume per user, and many other aspects. Airdrop participants who accumulate these points will receive rewards in TON, the native token of the Ton Blockchain. Specifically, there will be a reward of 40 TONS for users who score between 2-5. Similar to the points system, the higher points a user has, the more rewards they will earn. Meanwhile, amidst the remarkable airdrop event, Ton Blockchain’s native token traded in the red.

Altcoin price performance

At the time of this writing, the altcoin price is down 3.95% in the last 24 hours. TON was currently trading at $5.30. The token’s significant decline primarily aligns with today’s downward trend of the broader crypto industry. However, it contrasts with the significant development you mentioned above.


Meanwhile, cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , TON Foundation recently launched Memelandia. Thus, he made an important move that would direct institutions to meme coins. At the time, this move contributed to optimism among crypto market participants. In terms of evaluating the effects of the latest development, it is reasonable to expect the market sentiment to turn positive.

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