Steam Working on Personalized DLC Recommendations

Valve, which broke our hearts by reducing the rate from 1.8 to 10 TL on Steam, announced a new feature it developed to offer players: Personalized DLC suggestions center.

A new feature has been released on the Steam Labs platform, where Valve offers the features it wants to offer on Steam to the players. With this new feature released, players will be able to see DLC recommendations, just like game recommendations.

As you know on Steam, there is a game recommendations page based on personalized preferences on the Store page. Valve does not offer this feature in games. It plans to bring it for DLCs as well.

DLC discovery hub offers a personalized recommendation page based on games the user owns and plays

This new feature, which you can try by clicking here, belongs to your favorite games. Check out the DLC packs you may have forgotten or missed. aims. These DLC packs can expand from individual character costumes to additional playable storylines.

If you enter the DLC discovery page, you will see the most recently played and most played games by you. You will be able to see paid and free plugins. These add-ons will also appear in order of popularity.


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Of course, it would be nice to see the add-on packs of our favorite games that we may have missed together like this. Already on Steam at new prices now it seems that our budgets will only be enough for additional packages…

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