Statement from Xiaomi that will comfort users!

Smartphone technologies continue to evolve day by day. One of the fastest growing sectors fast charging industry appears as. One of the leading companies investing in this technology Xiaomi, in the coming days 120W It is preparing to launch its new phones that support high-speed charging. However, while this situation creates excitement, it also brings some question marks.

The manufacturer has not yet made an official statement about the charging time of the device to be used in the phone model. However, the leaks Xiaomi 11T shows that the Pro model of the series will support this technology. by the brand last year Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra With its launch, 120W fast charging support has also entered our lives. The charging time of the model from zero was announced as 23 minutes.

Record-breaking fast charging is coming from Xiaomi: HyperCharge!

Xiaomi, which previously broke a record with its fast charging, is now adding a new one to it. HyperCharge is coming to break fast charging records.

Does fast charging technology negatively affect battery life?

fast charging technology While various negative thoughts about it come to the fore, consumers are reacting especially to the reduction of battery life of phones. It is among the other negative claims that it may cause security problems as well as the trouble that may be experienced in battery life.

With the emergence of negative claims about fast charging, Daniel Desjarlais, Head of International Communications and spokesperson for Xiaomi made some statements. Both the use of fast charging technology and the soon-to-be-released Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro included the details of the model.

How will 120W fast charging technology work?

Xiaomi spokesperson In his statements, he answered how the system would work. In their explanation, ‘We can think of it as two different warehouse entrances in cars. Instead of slow charging one side, it can be charged twice at the same time. By dividing energy into different channels over a single channel, the possibility of use can be expanded.

Against the worry of negatively affecting the battery life, he underlined that the service life is the same as traditional cell phone batteries. He stated that especially the battery life is frequently tested on the brand front. It was stated that the loss of 20 percent battery life in all charging technologies is a standard and not to be feared process, and that 80 percent battery life will still be preserved after fast charging technology.